Monday, March 8, 2010

Awesome show coming March 17th! @ the 331 in N.E.

We have a super awesome show that is being booked as a triple threat.... that's right, St. Patricks Day, a Birthday, AND a music show. Shit... makes me exhausted just typing about it. But anyways, rest up, and be there wearing green and a birthday hat. Ya know the ones I mean.... the cone shaped little hats with the elastic strap. Little Ghost will appreciate. It's at the 331 in N.E. and it starts at 9:30. Here's how Ghost in the Water is summing up the show:

Private Number (ˈprī-vət ˈnəm-bər) n. 1. A reoccurring electropop dance party hosted by Ghost In The Water, featuring live music and DJ sets. 2. A song recorded by the pop band The Jets. It features on their 1985 debut album, The Jets and was released as the third single from the album in 1986. 3. The most fun you've had in years.

Cake, confetti, streamers, friends... SURPRISE!!!! It's March 17th! This day is not only for donning green, faith and alcohol. No, it happens to also be the birthday of Ghost In The Water's very own Little Ghost! In honor of this day we give you "Private Number III: Birthday Party Edition!". Come celebrate and dance with us to that electropop sound Private Number loves so much! Live sets by Ghost In The Water ( and UltraChorus (, along with dj sets from those dashing Estate fellows ( and the birthday boy himself, Little Ghost.

The party takes place March 17th at the 331 Club in N.E. Minneapolis. Festivities get going at 9:30pm, the evening is 21+ and it's FREE!

Green hats, birthday caps, beer and cake! It's all welcome, come and celebrate!

-Two Little Ghosts In The Water

P.S. Little Ghost would like to share a new track with you to get you in the mood. It's called I Ain't 'fraid, go download and listen here:

All the best!