Saturday, August 8, 2009

total babe

You may have heard, we now own a record label. Our first signing is a band called "total babe".
They are a group of 17 year old geniuses from south minneapolis, okay like the Lake Harriet part, but that is still south! Their debut ep called "heatwave" is going to wind up being the indie rock story of the year. The product will be hitting store shelves, both physical and digital, on oct 6th. What do they sound like? Well I have been telling people that they sound like camera obscura, only more fun, yesterday someone told me they sound like belle and sebastian, maybe it's like if Nick Drake had a long lost daughter??? I think my friend said it best, and I will quote "they are like cat power, only with good songs". Here's a picture for now, some free downloads will probably be hitting the internet soon... oh check their myspace in the meantime...

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