Monday, September 21, 2009

UltraChorus @ Club Jager for Jagerfest!!

We've had a couple of shows since last we posted here.... sorry... it's nothing personal, really. It's not that we didn't want you there... we just kinda forgot. But all that has changed now! We are back on top of it, and ready to invite you to JAGERFEST. It will be super crazy cool as it's our first outdoor show. We once played close to an open door, but this is actually outside and everything :) And there's a BBQ starting at 5:00 compliments of Fox Tax. So why not go? Come early, eat some food, watch some music, get lured in by the drink specials, and cancel all your plans. Sounds pretty simple to me. Party starts at 5:00 at Club Jager (923 Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis) and UltraChorus starts @ 6:00. BE THERE!

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